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Content Creator & Mind Coach

Hi there! I’m Cecilia Ihrivbogbe.
I’m an Epic Creative, Pro Communicator and Disruptive Thinker! I’m happy to have you in my space.


A few thing I'm really good at..

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Copy Writing

I’ve mastered my way around words. I do this effortless because I know the right words well articulated can move a thousand ounces. My adept copywriting skills does this to brands and they’ve never left disappointed.

Communications Coaching

At the end of the day, we all need to be better Communicators. As one of my flagship courses, I teach Communication Codes which is useful to everyday or business communication which enlightens people on how to Communicate to Connect and not just Speak to Vaccum.

Mind Coaching

I am blessed, my words are not empty. I offer guided guidance and clarity sessions to those in need of my one on one coaching and unbundling. With hands in hands, I march people to excellence.


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Welcome to my website

I'm Cecilia Ihrivbogbe
The Disruptive Thinker!

As you may have guessed already, I wear many hats. Beyond any of my fancy qualifications, I’m a Sister, I’m a Friend and I’m an unashamed lover of Christ. I also love to see people break forth into their more purposeful selves as we embark on a journey of tearing down every veil through my several God-given expressions

Everyone deserves that.

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The Journal of my Groundbreaking Innovations - Inspirational Writing Journal + Colourful Creativity Templates for Disruptive Thinkers, Creators and ... Idea

This is the journal you need if you wish to draw from your highly innovative mind. Your creative thoughts are exceptional and deserve expression.

This is the journal for every innovator to help document their innovation and give life to it with the exceptional creativity templates included.
What’s great about this journal is besides the inspirational quote on each page, the thoughtfulness to leave one page blank to help you draw or sketch your innovative ideas when needed.



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