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Caution ⚠️ I’m responsible for what I say only – I’ll explain.

A few months ago, about 8 months actually, I changed my phone from from a regular Android to an iPhone. And truthfully, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve recently made.

My previous android phone was literally breaking apart – no jokes. I had worn the phone out so much I knew it was crying to be changed (I have this uncanny ability of “using my money” on things I bought, this iPhone self may be no different 😅. Hehe 😉)

Alright back to my story…

So, I needed to get a new phone and I thought to get another android but my big brother (Oh Bless him Lord!) insisted I got an iPhone instead and so, I did.

Just like any new technology, navigating the iPhone was completely strange to me. At this time, all my siblings use an iPhone so I wasn’t unfamiliar with one, but having the phone as a personal mobile still fazed me.

Now, here was how my life changed;

iPhones like many people know is a fusion of many smart software hinged on technology but has its core as excellence. It’s truly exceptional.
And honestly, that’s their selling point. They sell excellence as luxury – and it works

While using this phone, I saw a distinct difference between it and my previous one (remember the phone was only a regular android so it wasn’t really sophisticated) and I could tell there was a void of excellence I didn’t know was possible with a mobile phone. It stretched my mind.

The excellence inbuilt in the phone rubbed off on me and that was how my life change happened.
I was able to build a new life system that works which is something I had been struggling with
eg Setting Reminders, Setting Time Limits for Social Media, Scheduling Downtime etc and it really worked.

Look guys, the real trip for me about this phone is the excellence it offers and commands. It’s unmatched.
The camera to me is only a bonus. If you use and iPhone you’ll know the battery is almost zero so it’s not all pros, there are cons too. The good still outweighs the bad from what I’ve seen, and that was what resonated with me.

Now any device, app or person can do this for you, but iPhone did this for me.
Am I telling you to get an iPhone by all means? NO NO NO!
I’m saying you should get familiar with excellence because it has a way of rubbing off on you and your choices.

Truth is this post actually has nothing to do with using any particular genre of phone. It is just an example I decided to use.
All I’m helping you see is that seeing from an excellent view can overhaul your life.
It’s a game changer if you let it.
When you see better, there’s an higher chance you’ll do better.
And that’s on periodt.

Do you see?


Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

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  1. UrGTreasure🥰

    Nice write up!

  2. UrGTreasure🥰

    Nice write up! More Grace!

    1. Cecilia

      Thank you Ma

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