Looking Beyond After

Christian Fiction

Looking Beyond After

Helen opened her eyes slowly,

looked around her and she sensed there was somebody else with her. She scanned the room; it was dimly lit and it smelled putrid. Her eyes couldn’t pick anything else as the room looked empty and appeared dark. She wasn’t even sure if the lighting was poor or her sight was just fuzzy. As Helen struggled to regain her consciousness, she felt a figure move past her.

Her heart raced as she began to ponder who it could be. She tried to remember how she got there but the splitting headache she was having didn’t enable her to think properly. Or was this just her imagination? She thought.

Blood streaked from her right ear onto her white shirt which was now soaked in her own blood as she writhed in pain. Apparently, she had been hit with something hard on the head by someone and this killer may even be in the same room with her. As she looked at her soaked shirt, she realized it was a Thursday — she only puts on a white shirt on Thursdays. But because the room wasn’t properly lit, she wasn’t sure if it was still day or night. She rummaged her brain for an escape plan but none was forthcoming.

Helen listened quietly for signs of movements but she heard nothing. However, in her gut, she was sure someone was in the room with her. Maybe the killer. And he/she was observing her.

She tried to move but then realized she was tied to a pole. Her leg had now begun to hurt which implied she had probably been in that position for hours. She tried to piece the puzzle together now and it appeared she had been knocked out by her supposed killer. However, she was certain she needed to do something but she wasn’t sure what.

Before her brain could interpret anything further, the figure moved again. This time, slightly hitting her left shoulder as it curved past her and that made her jolt. Now, she was certain it wasn’t her imagination. She is in the same room with a killer!

A few moments later,

the lighting in the room seemed to get better or maybe it was her eyesight that adjusted to the dark, and then she saw the figure in clearer light standing few feet away from her.

Looking intently at the person in her front, even though he put on a mask, she knew it was a man. As he moved closer towards her, Helen noticed a shiny object in his right hand. All of her knew it was a knife but she tried to make herself believe it wasn’t.

She tried to pull back but she was obviously stuck to the pole. As he drew closer to her, Helen noticed something familiar about his movements,

‘‘Do I know this person?’’ She mused as she tried freeing herself from the firm grip of the rope. Maybe then wasn’t the right time for questions as the man approaching was now standing right in front of her.

He moved closer again, stared at her for a bit, and then he took off his mask. When Helen saw the man under the mask she was stupefied. But before she could react, she felt the sharpness of the knife pierce her in her upper abdomen three times.

She squirmed in pain but her mouth was covered in duct tape. Her sight grew dimmer as she began bleeding seriously.

‘You and I know the dead stay dumb, Helen.’ he said finally.

If not, I wouldn’t have done this and you know it. This was hard for me too but remember I warned you but you wouldn’t listen. I’m sorry Helen……I just had to do this.’ He added as he watched as life slowly left her body. When he was sure she was dying, he removed the duct tape he had used in sealing her mouth to allow her to speak.

“Any last thing you want to tell me, Helen?”

Any message you want me to leave for the boys? I promise you I would deliver it’ He asked sarcastically.

‘I trusted you John’ she replied amidst breaths. I never thought you would be the one to end my life. She added softly.

‘Well, I guess you thought wrong then. I never thought I’d be doing this either’ he replied irritably. ‘But I want you to know your stubbornness got you here Helen! You never should have mentioned quitting to The Don. You know how much he hates that word! And even when he asked why you answered it was because of some stupid newly found faith. What on earth does that even mean? The boss said you would tell on us once you become a believer or whatever you lots call yourselves and that was why he assigned me to terminate you with immediate effect. I’m sorry Helen but you left us no choice.

As soon as he finished his statement, he turned his back on her and headed for the door. The tears that had welled up in his eyes now ran freely.

Helen stared at the dim image of her ex-husband as he exited the room and she took her last breaths. He was right. She thought, maybe she was stupid of her to have mentioned quitting the club to The Don. But still, she would do nothing differently. She had found Jesus and was no longer interested in the wretched life she had been living for the last 10years. She wanted something new, something different even if it meant her laying down her life to get it. After all, Jesus did the same for her.

As she breathed what seemed like her last, she said a short prayer to her beloved savior in her mind as she knew she would soon be seeing him face to face.

“Dear Lord, I offer up my spirit to you. I confess Lord that you’re my savior and I believe you are the way the truth and life. Accept me into your bosom precious Father. I’m coming home, Amen”.

She heard his footsteps as he climbed down the stairs and as all was about to go blank… she heard a gunshot.

Cecilia Ihrivbogbe


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