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If you don’t plan it, you won’t see it.

So quick question, does that old myth new year new me still work?
You know that mantra that people chant at the beginning of each year vowing there would be changes in their lives simply because it’s a new year?
By now you should know it doesn’t right? Lol
I’m not certain many even know why this is always the case with them. Well as your surest girl, I’m about to share with you why and how you can make the best of 2022.
– Draft out all the plans you want to do in 2022
Write it all out to know what kind of goal it is.
There are two kinds of goals that I’ve come to realize; actionable goals and large-chunk goals.
Many times, we set the latter hoping to see the results of the former.
It’s impossible. I’ll explain.
Actionable goals are goals that can be carried out without exactly staging a plan for it. E.g “I need to drink water”. It’s an actionable goal. You ain’t gotta set up a panel for that yeah? All you have to do is just go to the fridge and help yourself to a glass.
Meanwhile, large-chunk goals on the other hand will only become actionable when we pedal them. For example,
“I want to grow spiritually in this year”.
This is a large-chunk goal. It won’t happen because you desire it or even write it down. It would only happen if you plan it out carefully by rather saying;
“I want to grow spiritually by spending time praying in the morning and at night with Bible study inclusive.”
This thus becomes an actionable goal because you’ve set a time to it by breaking it up.
Do you see this?
– Divide your goals into month brackets
Write out the goals you have for each month clearly and if possible with a day you’d like to achieve them. This way you’d know the targets for each month and you would give laser focus on each goal for the best results.
I hope this blesses you in no small way.
Which would you start doing today?
Love Always ❤️
I’m ALWAYS rooting for you.

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