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I love the spotlight.

But, I know what to do with it.

A time comes for visionaries, where they have to be willing to thrust themselves forward. They must propel themselves so others can see what they got.
“You must fight for your light to be visible and burning”. There’s no stopping.
And this is why I love the spotlight.
It aids me in sharing the unique message I have, it gives me a chance to stand at a point where I can transform others with my gifts.
And so, I love the spotlight because it helps me see forward.

I need the light so I never slide into a place where I stop dreaming.
The spotlight keeps me up and running.
Because of this, I put structures around me that puts me in the stages I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be in.
And if I must, I create the podium myself!
A wise woman once said,
“If you want to be heard, you must be willing to make some noise.”
However, I know enough there are dangers to being in the spotlight.
When attention becomes an addiction and
you can do nothing apart from it, then there’s trouble looming.
Our essence is never in the amount of light that shines on us, but rather in what it shines upon. And in my case, it’s my gift.
But when not careful and attention is misplaced, such light attracts bugs that bite.
Don’t let those who have no light teach you how brightly you should shine.
There’s literally no limit to your possibilities.
Allow yourself to the spotlight.
But, do not do so without caution. ⚠️

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