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Writings on the wall and traces in the sand.

Let me tell you about a guy you may know; his name is Joseph.
This guy was great; a dreamer! Everyone around him even his parents and siblings knew he had a compelling vision.
He had dreams he wouldn’t stop talking about which completely filled his focus and attention.
God kept flashing before him what his future looked like even when he wasn’t sure of it himself. But guess what? His life didn’t exactly sequel to what his dreams showed him.
While in the interim of fulfilling his purpose, he served in several offices that he didn’t even know himself was preparing him for his purpose – because purpose always leaves traces in the sand.
He served in the house of a guy named Potiphar as a slave, he was then promoted to chief slave. I doubt he knew he was actually beginning to fulfil bits of his purpose then.
God must have looked cruel but purpose was already beginning to trickle down on him.
Soon afterwards, he had a rape scandal which was a scam, and then he was thrown into prison. There, purpose showed up again and he was made the prime minister of all the prisoners including those he met there. (I don’t know if that blows your mind)
If you know this story from Genesis 37-41, you would know he then rose from there into the post of Prime Minister which was actually the vision he had captured in his heart 13 years before.
If you look around you, you would see purpose tricking down all around and leaving writings all over.
God never leaves us without a clue, there are always traces.
For me, I would say purpose began knocking when I had the nudge to be a mass communicator to be in the media. Then again, it was purpose that ignited the gift of writing in me which then birthed #LettersfromCece #SoundsOfCecePodcast and #TheRainConference
Purpose has its imprint all over me even when I didn’t see it. It is what fuels and refuels me.
It is what has kept me in the centre stage I am and will keep me there.
This is the same for you reading this.
Purpose leaves writings on the wall.
It leaves traces in the sand.
Do you see it?
You can watch #TheRain2022 here:
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