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How well and I dare say, how much?

Truthfully, uncertainties are a part of all of our lives. It’s a parcel we all receive.
Everyone has a story about how this visitor comes every once in a while to deliver gifts that may shake us to our very roots.
At least to those unprepared…
Uncertainty comes to test that which we think we believe. It works with the processor called TIME to prove every of your life’s core values and decipher if indeed, we believe what we proclaim.
Only time will tell if truly, you’re who you poise to be.
But here’s the wisdom in this #Letter to you; If you know uncertainties are a part of life, it’s wise to prepare for them.
Let me walk you through how by using likely hiccups that may spring in your path.
“What if you lose my car?”
“What if you lose my house?”
“Will your health always be this way?”
“What are the dangers of ignoring your spiritual growth?”
“What can you do today to rid yourself of the rude shock life uncertainties may bring?”
Once you can answer these questions, then you can procure aid by responding:
“I’ll save more money”,
“I’ll get my house and car insured”
“I will invest in landed property”
“I’ll take healthy meals and exercise often to ensure my health doesn’t deteriorate faster than my age”
“I’ll feed my spirit as much as I feed my mind and body so it can respond to me as FAITH in the pressing days to come”
This is wisdom, and this is how to prepare for uncertainties.
I submit to you that this is what the wise know that makes them forge ahead. They prepare for days ahead – especially the days of uncertainties.
However, kindly note that this is not to build pessimism in you or overwork you to unnecessary anxiety.
No one can salvage every situation no matter how wise they are.
And I think the knowledge of that alone is beautiful too.
But when you can, with wisdom on your side, why not?
Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

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