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You’ve heard of a ton of plagues; Bubonic, Ebola, Corona, and even the most recent Omicron, but likely unknown to you, there is one caused by your words and actions.

Let me tell you how with this short story:
Once upon a time, there lived an exalted and decorated king who had riches and many things pleasing to the sight. He slept one night in his golden chambers only to arise a completely different person. That night was unlike all other nights because he had a dream.
In his dream, he saw a couple of thin scrawny looking cows swallowed up by fat healthy, and robust ones. What!
As if that wasn’t bad enough, he dreamt again and saw supple and full ears of corn being swallowed by dried thin ears of corn.
He woke up terrified but even more, angry.
“How in the world?”, he muttered.
The dream is unbelievable, right? Yeah, we thought so too.
But wait a minute, isn’t that the exact thing happening to many in the world today?
Ill cows have swallowed all the fat cows. And now, there’s a drought.
In the world today, many, by their words and actions have caused a plague, making their ill cows swallow up their healthy ones.
Allow me to explain.
All of our actions and inactions have an effect. (Oh yeah!) And how much more even our words! (See Psalm 19:3)
Everything we do is affecting something. Whether you see it or not. (Let that sink in for a bit yo)
Thus, if this is true, certain words and actions not deployed correctly can build up a plague that can sabotage our lives.
Do you know how we build up these plagues?
There are several ways but let me stick to a few including Fear, Bitterness, Anger, Contentiousness, Hate, Envy, etc.
I tell you the truth, the reason you don’t have Faith is that the ill cow Fear has swallowed it up.
The Hate that has built up in you is what fizzles every trace of Love out of your life.
Laziness is the ill cow swallowing up your creativity and keeping you to a stump.
Can you now see?
These are the ill cows in your life swallowing everything on the other side that is fat and healthy.
And you know what? It will keep up for as long as it is not dealt with.
How do you triumph?
It’s simple.
Refrain yourself from cultivating an atmosphere for thin-eared corn (bitterness, envy, pain) because if you like it or not, they will swallow your fat-eared corn (optimism, clarity, peace, freedom, etc).
Do this and let me know if your life will change or not. I bet all my dollars on this.
Get rid of all the negativity and leave room for positivity, only then would you see all the beauty you’ve been missing.
Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

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