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Sounds rhetoric? Wait till you find out what WOOD I mean.

On the interview I had in NTA Osogbo where I was invited as a guest to come speak on the Clarion Call program on the topic of Sexual Parenting, I made a statement, and I quote,
“There is a right and wrong way to build up anything. There is a right way to build your finances, health, relationship, etc.
As so, therefore, there’s a right way to build up children”.
(You can watch the complete NTA Interview here )
Do you see the keyword build-up? That is the topic of my #Letter to you today.
For a structure such as a home to be built, wood is needed. I believe you agree it is one of the principal items to build with.
But guess what? So is pretty much anything else we get to build – wood is needed.
Wood is what you build with. It is what Noah built the ark with.
It is what Moses built the ark of God with.
It is what you build your HOUSE with.
Prov 26:20a says
“Where no wood is, the fire goes out”.
So what that tells me is that, to see the flames (epic result) of anything you are engaged in, you’ve got to put wood in it.
People are always building – their home, family, intimacy with God, finances, health, etc. And whether they know it or not, they are consuming wood.
Let me simplify it further;
For the building of Spiritual Growth, your wood is The Word and Prayers.
For your Health; your wood is healthy meals, body fitness, and general body care.
For Finances; your wood is Knowledge and a good relationship with Money, Savings, Investments, etc
And the list goes on.
Do you get my point?
Where people fail is when they want to build and don’t put the right wood into the equation. There would be no flames; no epic.
And yet, the world is waiting for Epic 🔥
Love and Cece.
Blessings ☔
Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

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