Never leave your EBA in the pot

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Never leave your EBA in the pot

This is nowhere near a food and nutrition #Letter, however, it is nourishment for the soul.

I’m certain almost everyone reading this has made EBA before. For those who may not know what EBA is, it’s a type of Nigerian food made from Garri (Cassava flakes). It is made by mixing Garri in hot water to form a congealed mixture known as EBA.
You gerrit?
But like I said, this is not a #Letter to teach you food lessons. Even though I know I can try too, lol 😝 . Rather, this is #Letter of admonition to you to never leave your EBA in the pot you made it.
Once EBA is made, like every sticky congealed mixture, it must be put away by wrapping it carefully in nylon and stashing it away to prevent air from drying it up. Once air touches the EBA, it hardens and can no longer be eaten.
Isn’t that fascinating? One minute it is food, the next it becomes something unedible.
The same thing is our dreams and aspirations. One minute we have the bubble of energy to push a vision and give it life, the next minute we are sloppy and dragging our feet and suddenly unsure.
Do you know what just happened? You left your EBA in the pot and suddenly the soft edible meal has turned hard and now must be discarded.
You used the energy you should have used in birthing a vision to stretch and yawn on your bed and waste away. You choked the life out of your vision and so you feel empty.
And now, you’re in a dry place and wondering how you got there? You got there the day you left your EBA in the pot.
You got there the day you let your dream die because you weren’t careful with it.
My science lessons taught me that energy is never destroyed, rather, it is converted from one form to the other. So maybe your dream isn’t dead. It just slipped into a coma and now you have to wake it up.
Don’t let the energy you can use to birth a dream be wasted in chasing the wind.
Don’t leave your EBA in the pot.
Love and Cece ❤️
Blessings ☔

Thank you for reading till the end.
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