We all need to F A I L

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We all need to F A I L

There are many articles on success, this one is on failure.

I know many applaud me for the many successes that I have had up until now.
But today, I’d like to sincerely share about failure with you.
John C. Maxwell said if you want people to applaud you, tell them about your success, but if you want intimacy with people, tell them about your failures. And that is significantly what this #Letter is for – failure.
So you may know me as a pretty good writer, blogger, public speaker, host, podcaster, owner of a fashion magazine, etc. But guys, I fail at many things too.
I’d like you to know I don’t do the many things I do because I am high on success. I don’t have turbo-charged energy somewhere. I fail too. Many times in-fact
I have failed tests, examinations, and people. I have failed at many things.
If you are like me, now you see there’s a place we both meet in the middle.
I don’t know how to do a lot of things
I keep doing the stuff I do not because there is no failure embedded in it or because I’m high on success, I do them because I want to see results. And many times, the results come after many failures. And sometimes, the results never come.

You must not win at everything.

It’s OK not to be good at everything.
It’s ok to feel the sting of failure.
You must train your mind to see failure as a path that may lead to success or NOT!
Failure helps keep you in check.
It’s OK to fail. It’s OK to not know how to sew clothes or make hair or sing. Maybe it’s not your thing, and even if it is, you sure can get better at it.
But even if you never do, it’s still OK to fail.
Love and Cece ❤️

Thank you for reading till the end.

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Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

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