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Balances are for weights. Why overbear till you crack?

This #Letter is for everyone carrying weights they have no business carrying. That may be you.
I can count the number of movies I’ve seen in 2022, I hardly watch movies. But I saw one recently titled #ENCANTO and I am glad to have drawn many lessons from it.
There were many characters in the movie, as always, however, one stood out for me. She wasn’t the main character, but something about her made me see certain things. Her name was Luisa.
Like all of her family members, she had a gift, but hers was strength. Super strength.
Talk about moving boulders and mountains kinda strength. You know that sorta thing.
But guess what? Luisa was cracking under the surface. Her strength was gradually becoming her weakness. She was carrying too much weight. Physical and Emotional weights. She had no balance.

And where there is no balance, there would be cracks.

She wanted to keep up with the image she thought she needed to represent.
And like you may have guessed, she did break down.
I had no intention of writing about Minister #OsinachiNwachukwu because I’ve seen a gazillion articles already. However, I’d like to offer my two cents about the matter in this #Letter.
As we can all now see, she carried way too much weight than she needed not to. She assumed she could shoulder the WEIGHT of her husband’s inhumane behaviours. She thought she had a BALANCE.
I’m sure she endured many years hoping and possibly praying that someday, she would be a more suitable balance to carry his weight. Sadly, that day would never come 💔
My dear #LettersFromCece readers, just like the fictional character, Luisa, and the real-life character Mrs #OsinachiNwachukwu, we can see that weights can crack, or kill.

For every weight you may be carrying right now, there is a suitable balance for it.

The balance for IGNORANCE is KNOWLEDGE,
REST is the balance for STRESS.
Do you see?
However, some rests/balances can only be given by JESUS ❤️.
He is the ultimate, and that’s we celebrate his rising today. He urges us to drop every weight at his feet. Matt 11:28
I hope you see you don’t have to bear weights that ain’t yours. I hope you find how to stop, and see the cracks before they become too wide to patch.
I pray you BALANCE for every WEIGHT you are carrying.
Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

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