Mother Nature ABORTS

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Mother Nature ABORTS

She aborts vacuum!

You may not believe this, but it’s true.

You would agree with me that the only way to have a harvest is through a seed.
Because in a seed is the ability to call forth harvest. But what happens when there is no seed? No harvest right?

Or rather, we can say what is harvested is nothingness. Lacuna. Vacuum.

Vacuum births vacuum; but with seed, we can expect a harvest.

And so many who have seeds but never reap an harvest simply because they never sow it.
Many don’t tend to their seeds till it becomes incapable to bear, or even if it does bear, it births a vacuum.

And nature aborts vacuum.

Seeds here are likened to goals, burning heart desires, your vision, better financial status etc. These are all seeds which can yield bountiful harvest (result) if planted right.

But what then happens if the seeds are never planted? What happens if you don’t start the blog? If you never spark that friendship? If you don’t take the plunge to begin the business and fail if necessary?

What happens? Very simple. The seed is never planted because no investment was made towards it, and so, the vision is aborted.

Guys, to see results in any goal/vision/aspiration, you must abort vacuum by making an investment.
An investment of time, desire, effort e.t.c

Take time to learn about relationships, invest time in researching about the business, go out to that networking event.
Make investments!

This way you are headed to a result that’s not going to be aborted but can be birthed if the right conditions are stimulated.

Abort vacuum today!
Make the necessary investment(s)!
Or guess what? Mother Nature will abort it for you.

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Thank you for reading till the end, you’re the real MVP 💙
Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

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