Beyond the Cracks 💔

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Beyond the Cracks 💔

Recently, my phone screen mistakenly fell off my hand and got seriously damaged. I was infuriated and it messed up my mood. It even hindered my productivity at work because I just couldn’t see beyond the cracks on its screen.

Because of the dented screen, pictures looked less good, videos appeared scarred, and even typing on the screen keypad was upsetting. Everything just changed because of these cracks on my screen that seemingly, have come to stay.

Shortly afterward, someone advised me to get a new screen guard,
“Just get another one babe, it wouldn’t cost much now would it?” He said after I wouldn’t stop buzzing in his ears. And after much thought, I proceeded to get one.

Lo and behold, when I removed the previous guard which was previously on it, I realized most of the damage was actually on the screen guard and not the actual screen! Except for one single crack which had formed a blot across the main screen itself. I was fascinated.
Apparently, all my fury against my inanimate phone screen was useless. The phone wasn’t even half as cracked as I thought. How come I didn’t notice?

But then, this is pretty much our approach to life.

We get angry at the littlest things forgetting that most of the time they are inevitable and insignificant.

Even if they weren’t, now that it has happened, what we should be more focused on is the solution and not the problem – like getting a new screen guard!

Most times, we have been conditioned to see through the blinds when we could just pull down the veil. With the veil, we stare at an image that shades us from reality hence we see in part.

The world we live in is damaged – maybe a little beyond repair. But to survive in it, we must learn to look beyond the cracks on its screen because there’s always a better view.



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