Do Scars ever H E A L?

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Do Scars ever H E A L?

To tell you my truth, Yes and No.
I’ll explain

True story…

I have two scars on my left leg.
One I’ve had for over 12 years and the other I only sustained three years ago.

The scar I’ve had the longest is small. Almost unnoticeable, however, when I sustained the injury, it was a really deep cut, and so, the mark remains.

However, the one I sustained last year was a widespread but surface scar.

And can you guess? This latest scar is the one that faded faster. Why? Because it wasn’t as deep as the previous one. Yes, widespread, but it was only on the surface.

My point?

A scar may heal depending on the depth of damage it caused.

But either way, whether the scar heals or remains isn’t even the real issue. The question is if you’re willing to look past the damage even if it remains.

Are you?

How does a scar heal?

1. Time. Time can do wonders if you let it. If you’re willing to look past the mark you would soon forget it was ever there in the first place.

2. Positive confessions. Profess what you would rather see than what you’re currently seeing. A scar doesn’t show on the dead. It shows in living.

3. God. No healing is complete without the help of God. Don’t fake your healing. If God doesn’t heal you, you are still sick.

Let me be frank, some scars may never fade. However, surviving the injury that begot the scar isn’t the last stage of victory, looking past it whether it remains or not also is.

There’s radiance grafted in every chaos my friend, so wear your scar like the survivor that you truly are!


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