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PS: I was REALLY enjoying the fresh apple juice in this photo😍. It was refreshing 😎

What do you consume?

I’ve realized that whether you know it or not, you’re ultimately being controlled by what you feed and consume.

For example,
If you feed your BODY JUNKS, your health would be TRASH.
If you feed your BODY RIGHT, your HEALTH will HONOR you

The same thing goes for every other aspect of you that can be FED. Your mind. Your Spirit.

What do you feed them?

Could it be that you’re the way you’re because you aren’t feeding your MIND right?
The quality of your OUTPUT hinges on its INPUT(S).

I LOVE a great output so I’m consciously feeding every channel of my inputs (my eyes, ears, heart) with PREMIUM, QUALITY input.

Here are a few things I feed on…

1. Love.

I feed, feed on love!!!
Whoosh💃. It enriches me and empowers my outputs so much that I would never stop feeding on love. Every act of love people show to me I feed on it. It is easier to do this than to feed on the critics.
I make my choices.

2. Beauty. I feed on beauty. I can never be caught unfresh😎. Lol. Every detail is intentional. From my hair to my feet.
I feed on beauty so I surrounded myself with beauty. Not perfect, beauty.
Why? Because it’s not always that BEAUTY has to be PERFECT.

3. God. I feed on God. My goodness! God is my super strategy. I don’t know any way else?

And so I ask you,
What do you consume?


Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

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