“Fold That Duvet!”

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“Fold That Duvet!”

Tbh, this isn’t a #Letter on laundry lessons 😅

Recently, I was at a friend’s house, and I watched her fold a few of her clothes neatly into her box. As she was at it, she realized she still needed to fold her duvet. But instead of folding the duvet, she decided to squeeze it and dump it in the box.

After a few seconds of watching the drama, I asked her gently,
“Darling, why don’t you just fold the duvet”

She looked at me, smiled, and then she obliged me.

As soon as she folded the duvet, she realized the box had more space to take in even more clothes! Her box not only looked neater, but it could also contain more.

I learned a lesson from that and I’m about to share it.

You see, many times our problems aren’t as big or widespread as it looks. We just haven’t found how to keep it under control.
You haven’t found how to fold the duvet!

Your business isn’t making waves not because you’re a bad planner or manager, you just may not have built sustainable structures for a smooth flow yet. You don’t know how to fold the duvet!

Every wound that can be treated isn’t dangerous,
Every issue that can be solved hasn’t gone out of hand,
Every question has an answer, but have you found it?

How do I fold my duvet?

1. Stay around people who give God-counsel. Everyone has a blind spot they can’t see unless someone points it to them. Stop trying to look through your blind window, you won’t see a thing! Rather, stay around those who have the sight you need.
2. Go to people that have want you want. The people who have what you need may not be your friends or colleagues. But you can make your way through to them by investing in their materials; books, videos, podcasts, courses etc. You may never find out some things yourself. Sometimes, you have to go to people who already have it and pull it towards yourself. If you can’t fold your duvet, go to people who can!

There are many more ways to fold the duvet!


Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

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