We are all broken, 💔 I inclusive 🥺

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We are all broken, 💔 I inclusive 🥺

Yes, I inclusive.
Recently, I was reading this book that was randomly sent to me, but has changed my life. As I turned each page, I realized the book was exposing ME to me, I began to see the areas I’m lacking in.

I know one or two may have read a book, movie, song  or #LetterFromCece and #SoundsOfCece that gave that experience.

I never thought I lacked the things that was exposed to me by this book, it literally scanned through my life, and showed me areas I was broken.
And truthfully, each and everyone of us at some point may have been broken by life, people or our environment. A book, an article or a person made us realize – a scan.
But beyond scanning, we must also proceed to medication to see how much healing needed.
After the scan and you see how deficit you may be, don’t just end there, proceed to make conscious steps that would constitute your healing ❤️‍🩹
If you stay broken, you would attract what would break you the more or continually replicate your broken state.
We attract what we are.
This #Letter may be the scan you need.
We are all broken, but some of us choose to heal.
Actually, not every brokenness needs mending.
Sometimes it is through those cracks that light gets in. And that’s cool too.
Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

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  1. Peace Chukwunonso

    Thanks you CeCe..
    I love you🧡🧡

    1. Cecilia

      Thanks dear

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