I walk with a limp 😐

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I walk with a limp 😐

Have you ever worn shoes that were different sizes? Either the left leg was bigger than the right and vice versa? Or even neither was the right fit for you?

     Can you relate?

However, that is just one case study.

Now imagine you wore shoes that were completely uneven.

TWO DIFFERENT KIND OF SHOES. E.g A heel 👠 and a sneakers 👟.

It could be your correct size but still, it’s uneven. Can you ever walk properly in that?

Yesterday, I wore uneven shoes because I was rushing to open the gate for someone and I limped all through. My legs are perfectly straight guys, (smirks ☺️) so I do not walk with a limp. But because the shoes I wore were uneven, I did walk with a limp 😐

I see many people walking about today with a limp. Not because their “legs” are bad, but because they are wearing the wrong shoes.

Some people are in unequal relationships, others in unequal partnerships, friendships and even countries. All, an unequal match.

And yet, they wonder why they are limping. They seem to be doing everything right but they still “walk” with a limp.

And why won’t they? The situation they put themselves have automatically conditioned them to limp. Just like how my unequal shoes made me walk with difficulty.

Back to my story…

I took the shoes off my feet and I regained my freedom. I began to walk like I usually do. The limp was gone.

(But technically, it wasn’t even there in the first place)

I want to urge you today to take off your uneven shoes.

Dump the relationship 

Walk out of the partnership

Quit the friendship

Change your location.

Take off the unequal shoes!

This may be all you have to deal with and everything else will begin to fall in place in your life.


Even If you get straight legs but wear unequal shoes, you go limp”.



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Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

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