The Power of an Empowered Purpose

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The Power of an Empowered Purpose

Don’t just do purpose, do EMPOWERED purpose.

I’m certain you’ve probably read a gazillion posts on Purpose.

I’ve written a number few myself (kindly look through the page).
But you see, the wisdom I caught recently about Purpose has changed my narrative, and because I love you a lot, you’re the very first I’m sharing it with.

“The power of an Empowered Purpose”

We all know Purpose to be God’s laid down pathway for our lives. But what if after you’ve found out what your Purpose is, then you EMPOWER it?
Because an EMPOWERED Purpose is Purpose that went to Harvard. Lol.

An EMPOWERED Purpose is turbocharged, much more alive, active, and impactful.
That’s the kind of purpose I want you to be doing. This way, I would arrive at my destination quicker.

Let me break it down…

If you’re like me who has been given the mandate to teach THE WORD OF PEACE to nations, it’s safe to say that’s my Purpose.
But the way I would EMPOWER that Purpose would be to begin to look out for and imbibe success attributes for optimum execution.
E.g Writing skills, Speaking skills, Social skills, etc

That’s how I EMPOWER my purpose – I give it more weight

So when you read any #LettersFromCece or stream #SoundsOfCece, I’m teaching a WORD OF PEACE quite alright but whilst that is ongoing, my message is excellently written and my speaking is elegant.
Do you see?

I’m not just doing purpose, I EMPOWERED my purpose.

The difference between what you’re doing now and its EMPOWERED twin may be learning a newer skill, getting a paid job (to fund your purpose), etc

If you crack this, you’ll move from being obscure to visibility. Back row to the front pew.
Not because anything changed, but because you chose to EMPOWER your Purpose.

It will work for you


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Thank you for sticking to the end.

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