Why we must all be like the Mother Hen 🐤

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Why we must all be like the Mother Hen 🐤

Has a hen with chicks ever chased you?

It has happened to me many times.

I remember a few years back when I was in this hot chase by a mother hen so much I even got injured. (I’m still a lil scared of them, lol)

Do you know why was I being chased? It’s simple. She simply thought I was coming for her chicks – her treasure.

A chicken would normally be scared of humans, they will flee at the sight of us.

But the moment they have chicks, they become different – fierce and frightful – ready to do anything to guard their chicks.

We all should be like this. Even better.

There is so much power, potential, and energy in you that must be guarded.

Enough living life listlessly.

Who told you there’s no purpose for your life?

There is a treasure in your earthen vessel. And like the Mother Hen, you must spread your wings wide, and guard it.

Guard it against external influence,

Guard it against naysayers, haters, and bitter lots.

Guard it against your fears and insecurities.

You must guard the treasure that you embody.

If you don’t treat it honourably, everyone else will trample on it.

Only you know how valuable it is before the world sees it. Right?

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