How to Convert your PRESSURE to GRAVITAS

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How to Convert your PRESSURE to GRAVITAS

A few days back, I learned a new word – GRAVITAS.

I had never heard of the word before talk more know what it meant. But I tell you, it is one of the most powerful words I’ve researched recently. Not only because of its meaning, but because of how much each one of us needs more GRAVITAS.

Gravitas means solemnity of manner, depth, deep aura, poise, etc.

Gravitas is the aura you embody that connects you to people, and people to you.

Therefore to possess gravitas means a person has the personal characteristics that command respect or evidence of leadership ability.

Did you say WOW too?

I could keep on the lecture on the fancy new word, but beyond that, I found a unique way on how YOU can build this gravitas; to command a new level of attention and authority.


There is nearly no one alive who hasn’t been hit by pressure of some sort; separation, loss, stagnancy, relocation, overwhelm and the list is infinite.

In as much as this puts us in spaces we don’t like, it’s important to note pressure as such is the perfect ingredient to build your gravitas.

Many things we go through; pressured yes, but is for the very best. It can be turned into a tool that can set apart for distinct leadership.

We all have stories under our belt, stories of anger, pain, hurt & rejection – stories full of pressure. But unknown to us, these are the very things that mould us into who we are today and even need to be.

While you’re going through the heat right now, it’s only natural to be sad, weak, and weary.
Maybe you even want to quit, but dear you, the heat is needed to define the clay.

There is heat in every refinery, and the pressure is good for your forming gravitas.

Take an example,
You hate your job, and you constantly complain about it.
But if you take away the pressure, anger, and hurt the job brings for a moment, then you how THIS PRESSURE may be building you up to learn resilience.

And if you eventually quit the job, it was no waste because you’ve learnt resilience.
And that, no one can take away from you.

Doing so, you’ve converted pressure to gravitas.

The next time you feel pressured, remind yourself the pressure is to your advantage, it is to mould and groom you for what is ahead of you. The pressure is power.

This is how you convert pressure into gravitas

And a positive gravitas impacts greatly on your self-identity.

I urge you to convert your pressure(s) to gravitas.
It’s for your good.

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Hey there!
Welldone on reading till the end.
We are certain now you know what to do with your pressure(s).
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Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

Comments (2)

  1. David Okorie

    This is an awesomely written letter. Now we what you do with pressures😀.
    Pressures are actually one of the unavoidable things we would encounter as we journey through life. They will certainly come, but the good news is that they can be converted into gravitas.
    So the pressures shouldn’t weigh us down, rather, we take advantage of them.

    1. Cecilia

      Absolutely right. I’m glad you get it.

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