The L E N S called FAITH

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The L E N S called FAITH

Because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Here’s a funny but true story…

Last week, on my way home from work, I entered a tricycle to drop me opposite my street junction.

When I got down, I checked my bag for my phone but couldn’t see it. The tricycle has kicked off at this time. I started panicking.

Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me gently in these exact words

“What you’re looking for is in your bag”

I calmed down a bit and searched for it again. I didn’t SEE it so I resumed worrying.

Immediately I jumped on a bike to pursue the tricycle. At this time, my mind was racing – I completely lost Faith in the words I heard.

Story pauses…

Do you know why it’s hard to practice FAITH?

It’s because we use our “sight” often.

Every day we have interactions in 3D

From the people we speak with to the videos we watch, everything feeds our SIGHT.

And so naturally, it will be hard to detach from SIGHT to use another medium for seeing – FAITH.

Yet, this is the very thing the Lord wants from us.

To see from the lenses of faith

“For we live by faith, not by sight.”

‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Story continues…

Neither the bike man nor I could see the driver of the tricycle, it seemed he had disappeared into thin air. I kept stretching my neck to see if I would pick him out from the cluster of tricycles I was seeing. I couldn’t.

Still on the bike, I decided to check my bag again and this time, my hand reached for my phone – gently seated in my bag all the while.

I stopped the bike immediately feeling completely silly of course.

I knew the Holy Spirit deserved an apology.

And do you know what he said to me,

“we walk by faith…”

I melted.

Dear#LettersFromCece readers, your natural physical lens is limited. But with the lens of FAITH, there’s no limit to what you can see.

I urge you to switch on your lenses of FAITH today. I assure you you would see a view you never thought possible.

And indeed, that is when you begin to see.







#ThePureVessel #TeacherandServant

Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

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  1. Shante Lowe

    I am a publish author of black girls do cry contact me please I have a great testimony

    1. Cecilia

      Thank you for your message. I’d love to hear your story and testimony.
      Please send an email to [email protected]

      Thank you.

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