Is your life a LESSON or a TESTIMONY?

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Is your life a LESSON or a TESTIMONY?

Based on a true experience – mine.

Last week, I made a decision many would think I’m crazy. I walked out of an opportunity.

I may not share explicitly why I did so, but I will tell you what seeded that decision.

But before then let’s reminisce on the title for a bit shall we?

“Is your life a lesson or a testimony?”

Lessons are good.

But, testimonies are better.

There’s not much glory in lessons, but there’s glory in testimonies.

Because if every day of your life is a lesson, which day will be a testimony?

Unknowingly, we erect structures and systems around our lives and routines that make us keep recounting lessons rather than testimonies.

God wants to fulfil his promises in your life, whilst making you a testimony.

So what can be done?
1. Set Boundaries

Back to my story…

Now, I took that drastic decision not because there seized to be an opportunity but because from the onset, I didn’t set the right boundaries.

And that’s the first lesson.

A “Boundary” is what helps us culture a life of testimonies.

And, boundaries are set by you.
You decide how you want to be perceived and approached.

My lack of boundaries made me harvest lessons from what should have been a testimony.

As I said, lessons are good, but testimonies are better.

2. Devotion

Even as I’m still learning about the nitty gritty devotion, I marvel at the power of devotion.

Devotion could mean several things; prayer, quiet time, and worship.

When we do any of these things, our lives is steered towards becoming testimonies rather than lessons.

We take charge of our lives.

This is how we win.

Even if it started as a lesson, your life should be more testimonies than a lesson- with boundaries and devotion.

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