Are you showering RAIN or precipitating HAIL?

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Are you showering RAIN or precipitating HAIL?

If you were to weigh the impact of what your actions, talent(s) and gifting(s) have done on the earth today, would you affirm you’re showering rain? Or are precipitating hail?

We are all #RainMakers.

But, we are either “raining gifts” or “hailing catastrophe”.

Technically, both are downpours but whilst one is purposed to be a blessing, the other is a disaster.

When we use our gifts to God’s glory, we are showering rain upon the earth.

NB: The gifts mentioned here do not have to be “special”.

Are you kind? Are you a listener? Are you full of Faith? Or are you a discourager?

The former are all gifts the world lacks. By giving yours freely, you’re causing it to “rain”.
But when withheld, we should expect a hailstorm.

So are you causing it to rain? Or are you pouring down hail?
Do your gifts water the earth? Or it’s destroying it?

How to make Rain Or Hail

1. The Spoken Word

I will emphasize time and again – your word is powerful.

What are you speaking about? To your spouse, children, environment or even self, what utterances are you pronouncing?

What do you say consciously and unconsciously?

It goes a long way to impact your realities.

If you’re seeing hail all around you, maybe you should check your words.

2. Be kind to the Environment

Beyond the words you speak into the environment, how do you treat the environment?

Those who know me can testify I dislike throwing thrash carelessly on the floor.

I tweeted about it here

How do you treat your environment?

Do you litter the environment with your waste or do you carefully trash it?

Your answer determines if you’re raining or hailing.

I strongly believe if you throw trash on the floor, it goes a long way to expose the kind of life you live inwardly – perhaps littered and uncoordinated.

When you throw trash on the floor, it damages the environment. You may not realize it that instant but your actions have seeded an epidemic – you have heaped down hail.

Just like words, whatever you trash wrongly into the the environment will be trashed back at you.

But dirt doesn’t only stick to with you, it comes to all around you too.

So, are you making Rain or Hail?




My yearly conference which began in 2021 tagged #THERAIN is coming soon.

#THERAIN2023 is coming!!!

Theme: The Rain Makers

It’s going to be an explosion as the Holy Spirit grants me Grace as I teach in broader sense our importance as rainmakers.

It may not be easy, but we can all be #RainMakers.

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