Why has your Tree 🌲 fallen?

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Why has your Tree 🌲 fallen?

Why has it fallen?

If you’re a creative, genius, disruptive thinker or innovator, this #LetterisForYou

Do you agree that every fruit is produced by a tree?

One of my favourite fruits is the cherry 🍒 . I love it!

I love it so much that once when I was little, I got lost in a thick, dangerous forest alongside my other little friend after we both left school during lunch break to go cherry 🍒  hunting.

I’m not kidding.

Before we could find the cherry tree, we had gone deep into the forest and were lost too.

(I’ve always been quite the explorer🙈).

It was a hunter who saw us wailing that showed us the way out.

My friend and I, silly as we were, went out looking for a tree 🌲  because we knew we’d find our favourite fruit 🍒on it.

Why? Because every fruit 🍒 is produced by a tree 🌲.

So then, if we liken FRUITS to results, and people to TREES; then I guess it’s safe to say every RESULT comes from a PERSON. Right?

So then dear you #creative reading this #Letter right now, I’m here to tell you if truly, you have fruits, someday people will look for the tree producing those fruits – YOU.

And it would be a shame if the tree cannot be found, or, in the worst case, has fallen.

You see recently, I’ve had my thoughts fixated on how there are several fruits on the earth which may soon go extinct because the trees producing them have fallen due to deforestation and/or other sad environmental tragedies.

I’m an environmentalist by the way. I believe the environment must be treated justly.

Every #creative has one or two proofs of their creativity. I know a couple of creatives who have a fashion brand, some have a training academy, others a YouTube channel and the list goes on.

But here is the caution.

If you lose alignment with your core – that is what fuels your creativity – then, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll no longer have fruits 🍒 (results) to show forth.

And at that point, your tree may have fallen. (If you’re a Believer then you can see correspondence to that Ecclesiastes 11:3)

But then, let me paint you an example;

You’re a recent graduate actively seeking a job therefore, you send out your resume every other day.

But then, if your CV is horrible and full of errors and you’ve refused to get a new one. Then the results you seek you may never get because your tree 🌲 has fallen.

(By the way, I offer professional CV writing services + coaching on how to seal your dream job)

Here’s another equally colourful example,

You desire a happy smooth relationship/ marriage, but when issues arise, you and your spouse refuse to bury your ego and commit to a working relationship anchored on communication?

If this is you, then your tree has fallen.

And I’m sorry, but you can’t get the result you seek.

It is one thing to bear fruits 🍒 , it’s another to bear fruits 🍒 that can be RETAINED.

The latter is only achievable whilst the tree producing the results yet stands.

Use wisdom to your advantage.



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