You’re Somebody’s NORTH 🧭 ⬆️

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You’re Somebody’s NORTH 🧭 ⬆️

Yes you’re somebody’s North ⬆️🧭

There was this movie a saw a few years back titled GOD CALLING.

It’s a Nigerian movie and maybe you’ve seen it too.

This movie was about belief, faith and trust in God and there are numerous other lessons you could pick from there.

Towards the end of the movie, the main character- Sade who God was calling – after she knew why decided she was going to answer the call.

After she made her decision, she said,

“I’m going North ⬆️.”

To be honest, while I watched that movie and enjoyed the great lessons in it, I didn’t quite take note of the way she described what she needed to do until recently when I realized what it means to “go north”.

Going north ⬆️ signifies she going towards conviction, going towards greater possibilities, you’re going towards clarity or in Sade’s case, a higher calling.

As visionaries, we are known to be the ones who “go north” ⬆️ and gear others to do the same.

But the truth is this, oftentimes, we do not even know what going north fully entails but we do it anyways.

We step out with the knowledge and wisdom we have and decide to “go north” hoping it would multiply – and it does multiply.

So dear you reading this right now, I’m here to say YOU’RE SOMEBODY’S NORTH 🧭 ⬆️

I know if you look within you can point to people who have impacted you greatly.

These are probably your parents, siblings, spiritual family, friends etc.

All of those people at some point have been your north.

So then, that’s the same way you are here on the earth to be somebody’s north too.

But here’s the dicey part, you may never know your north if you don’t first step forward in faith and say you know what?

“I’m going to step forward into my high calling whether I understand it or not”

“I’m going to step out to be somebody’s light in this pitch-black world”

“I’m going to do what hasn’t been done before and be the pioneer of new knowledge, innovation and wisdom.”

“I’m going north!”

And indeed you should go north because truly, you’re somebody’s north.

Step out from the shadows and be the light others will see through.
Go north ⬆️

If you keep going north without tilting your direction, soon enough, those who need the compass 🧭  you’re will come for it.

I cannot wait to hear the wonder you became because you chose to be somebody’s north.

So darling, will you go north?

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