Communication is a Skill; it can be learnt

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Communication is a Skill; it can be learnt

I’ve heard several words people use to describe Communication.

But as a love to define it, it is the ability to express oneself to the degree of understanding of the second or third party in question.

Simply put, Communication is the ability to express in a manner that who is being communicated to understands.

I want you to see Communication as a moving vehicle 🚌

And like every vehicle 🚌 , there are key functionaries that keeps it in perpetual motion


  • Fuel
  • Engine
  • Brakes etc

If these functionaries aren’t functional, the vehicle likely wouldn’t start talk less make a move.

Same goes with Communication.

People miss it once they try run a vehicle 🚌 on low fuel level, poor battery or faulty brakes.

Definitely, there would be catastrophes.

There are key elements that makes Communication smooth, understandable and relatable.

Communication is a Skill; it can be learnt.

And in the next 14 days, I’m about to teach you how.

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