What became of Ichabod? 🤷‍♀️

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What became of Ichabod? 🤷‍♀️

Do you know Ichabod?

His grandfather died the day he was born.

His father died the day he was born.

His mother died giving birth to him.

He was named an outcast from the moment of his birth by his Birth Mother.

Does it get any worse?

And I’m here wondering, what became of Ichabod?

Did he die or did he survive?

Did he live like a normal kid or was he constantly bullied?

Did he find his purpose in this world or did he died wondering what it was?

What became of Ichabod?

The story of Ichabod dates far back BC and can be read in I Sam 4:19 -22. The Bible gave no clear update on him except for the tragedy that struck at the beginning of his life.

I wish there was more written about him, but I guess this was a hint to us the readers that so long he lives, he would have to write his own story. Not the one life scripted for him.

He doesn’t have to live as Ichabod (Lost Glory) he could live as Kabod (Glory).

Maybe this is you too.

You’ve found yourself in a situation that you didn’t plan for.

A child out of wedlock, a sick parent, a divorce, an health condition, a great loss- an Ichabod.

This #Letter is for you.

There are always two choices, and only you get to decide. Will you choose to rise above your situation and stand in strength or stay down and let life cheat you twice?

How will you react to your Ichabod?

I wish I knew what became of Ichabod so I could show you what script he ended up writing with his life.

But even as you read this, know you’re not the worst thing that will ever happen to the world. Any script can be rewritten. Yours isn’t different.

No matter how gloomy it may seem, there’s always a right choice to make.

I pray you see it. I pray you choose it.

Cecilia Ihrivbogbe




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