Practicing Mastery; The Highroad to Success 💹

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Practicing Mastery; The Highroad to Success 💹

Recently, I got one of the testimonies I’ve waited, declared, prayed and fasted for.

The way it landed in my lap still amazes me because it was just perfect.

But you know what, I can easily say I got this testimony ONLY via prayers and declarations and ignore the part where I did something critical: PRACTICED MASTERY.

Last week, I was studying the life of King David and once again, that guy’s life tripped me.

But you know it’s easy to applaud him for what a great king he was to Israel but fail to see King David encountered several obstacles that allowed him plenty of time to Practice Mastery.

If you’d like to count;

First, he had to kill the bear that was preying on his sheep. Next, he killed Goliath, then he was made Director of a fraction of King Saul’s army. Finally, he drafted his own army and after several years of waiting, became King of Israel👑 .

I’m sure you know this is the abridged version and each of these stages took years, blood & sweat, therefore, enabling him to do one thing well; practice mastery.

How does this legendary story relate to you or even tally with my aforementioned testimony?

Well, here it is;

I only got my testimony because of the Grace of God and the several years before now I’ve put into practicing mastery. Period.

Nothing just happens. No one just arrives.

If it appears it happened overnight, look closer, it didn’t happen OVERNIGHT.

David practiced mastery dangerously.He was already dripping with the anointing yet, he diligently waited for his time.

And, mastery paved way for him.

Mastery paved way for me too.

Mastery can be learnt but more importantly, it should be practiced – Cecilia Ihrivbogbe.

Blessings ✨






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