Waiting on Greatness 📈💪

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Waiting on Greatness 📈💪

It was a long long day.

I just wanted to get into my tub, eat a light meal like pasta for dinner and dive into my water bed.

This was exactly what I wanted to do only I didn’t have any of the above.

My name is Gloria and my husband recently lost his job and we had to move from the small 2bedroom flat we rented in Ojodu-Berger to a single room face-me- I-slap you one in ikorodu.

I never in my whole 29years of living thought I would ever have to live in a house where I didn’t own the bathroom to myself.

Oh, the groan!

I tried to convince him to let us stay in our current rented apartment and that I’d help him pay the bills since my hair styling business was fetching us income but he blatantly refused me.

“Honey, I have no idea how long my joblessness will last so it isn’t wise to use a large chunk of our major income for now to pay house rent”, he said.

But he was right. Wasn’t he?

Last night, we moved out of our now former apartment strapping my belongings to my chest as we boarded a bus to downtown Ikorodu.

But you know what, I know this is only a phase and it wouldn’t last because why?

I’m waiting on greatness📈.

• Neighbours will mock us

• Friends may stop visiting

But I don’t care because right now, I’m only waiting on greatness📈

📈The greatness of my husband as he rises from the ashes after this seemingly hard hit.

📈Greatness for me as I pick up my gift and begin again.

I don’t see what will happen months or years from now but I’m certain of one thing, I’m waiting on greatness 📈

And because I believe so dearly, it will COME!

This is a fictional tale of Gloria as she navigates a rough patch in her marriage.

She decides it’s better to Push that to Quit

It’s better to Wait on Greatness than Worry.

This could be you too and I urge you, just like Gloria, please, “Wait on Greatness📈”.

If you believe it enough, it will come.

Cecilia Ihrivbogbe




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