Seeds of Miracles 🌱

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Seeds of Miracles 🌱

 Can you count your Seeds of Miracles? 🌱

I wanted to buy a car before the year 2022 but I got a good-paying job instead – Seeds of miracles.

I wanted to get married, but I got a GOD-fearing spouse instead – Seeds of miracles.

I wanted to increase my streams of income, but I got an idea instead – Seeds of Miracles.

There are too many times we ask God for miracles and he gives us in a seed form but we’re in too much of a hurry to actually see it.

Miracles can come whole or in bits – as seeds that needs time and watering before harvesting.

Stop worrying about what you ain’t got yet and start watering the Seeds of Miracles you got.

Sometimes, you don’t have it yet because if it comes, you don’t have the wisdom to maintain it yet.

Stay with your Seeds of Miracles,

Water it, and watch them bloom.

I can’t wait to see you on your phenomenal side.

To your greatness 💪





I’m glad you read till the end.

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