…And the Orange 🍊 Fell

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…And the Orange 🍊 Fell

PS: I’m such a beaut 😍

I’ve had the flu for a few days, let’s just say my AA is AA’ing. Lol.

Because of this, I had to consume a lot of fruits.
(PS: Did I mention oranges are one of my faves🤭)

My Mum in her sweetness got me 3 unpeeled oranges to ease the flu.

I peeled the first two; one for myself and the other for her. After consuming mine, I got a bit of relief and so I decided to peel the third for myself too.

As I touched the third orange I realize it had a soft feel to it. I really wanted to assume it was probably made wet by water.

“Could this orange be going bad?” I thought.

I wanted to believe it was the former so I decided to peel it anyway.

After I finished peeling the orange, I realized it wasn’t water that made it soft after all. The orange had actually gone bad. It already even had a foul smell emitting from it.

And it could be due to only one thing; the orange had fallen while being plucked.

No matter how careful whoever plucked the oranges was, they made a mistake by making it fall – thereby making it go bad.

The fall may have been a simple one but the damage to the orange can never be revoked.

As I meditated on this incident I decided to share with you;
What thing of value has fallen from you hence losing its value?
Which of your treasure is now damaged?

It’s true there’s nothing too broken that can’t be fixed. But I tell you sincerely certain things are better not broken.

Because once they do, it may never be whole again.

As you read this #Letter, I wish for you to meditate and be careful of your treasures and ensure they don’t fall.

Remember, If it doesn’t fall, it doesn’t need to be fixed.

Welcome to a phenomenal 2023 ✈️

PS: See link to stream this #letter on #soundsofcece Podcast here

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