Oh, my Stem ☘️

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Oh, my Stem ☘️

Am I a Daddy’s Girl 👧 or am I a Daddy’s Girl? 😅

My Dad was sharing with me yesterday how the easiest way to kill a tree is to scrape off its bark.
Did you know that?

Before now, I thought the only way to kill a tree was to take it by the roots.
But when he told me a quicker way is even scraping off the bark which protects the stem and the then tree would wither, I was amazed!

He said,
“Leave the leaves”
“Ignore the branches”
“Only cut down the barks”
“And the tree is gone”.


Outwardly, a tree is said to be flourishing by judging how full its branches, leaves and in some cases, fruits are.

But in reality, a good tree’s life is in its Stem 🌱. Not its outward signs 🌳

Why am I sharing this with you?
I realized certain people are like The Stems of a Tree to Us. And it’s important to see them as such and never treat them Like Branches!

However, in other cases, some are like only Branches, and must never be mistaken for Stems.

There’s indeed wisdom in knowing your place in people’s lives, and acting accordingly.
But there’s also wisdom in knowing what people must take preeminence in your life even though they aren’t exactly visible.

The tree knows the importance of the Stem to it even though the Fruits and Branches take the Glory.
I know the Importance of my Stems – Support Systems – and I acknowledge and treat them as core.

Do you?

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PS: This letter is available on Sounds Of Cece Podcast. Listen here

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