Loving them Wholly ⭕️

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Loving them Wholly ⭕️

It’s either whole or it’s wrong 😑

I read an IG Post once where a lady (mildly influential) was sharing how a man came into her DM and was praising her.

The praises weren’t the problem if not that he was putting down his wife while he was doing that.

“Madam you’re so industrious “
“I love how beautiful, driven and courageous you’re”
“I wish my wife will be like you.”
“She’s so…”

And then she cut him short before he could continue to berate his wife to her. 

At this point, she cut in saying,

“Wow, thank you Sir for your kind comments. I’m happy to know you like the version of me you see online. 
However, do you also know that I’ve not gone to the market in the past 5 years?
Also, I don’t make daily meals for my husband like your wife probably does.
You know, what’s more, I don’t do any house chores too. My husband employed someone who does all the chores in our home.
So Sir, do you still like me?

Guess what? The man never replied to her again.

We, humans, have the habit of choosing what we love about people. We love THIS, but we can’t stand THAT. I’ve fallen victim too.

“You love their quietness but you can’t handle their silence”

“You want a great man, but do you know he’ll be difficult many times?”

“You like career women, but hate that she detests doing chores.” 

“You want an outspoken friend, but you hate it when they talk too much.”

We love people halfway, we don’t love them wholly. If you like the pros, you must embrace the cons too.

We are all humans, you can’t choose this or that!

Do you like the Crown? 👑 then, you must love the Cross ✝️ too!

Stop loving halfway, love WHOLLY.

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Comments (2)

  1. Tolulope Kazeem

    I love the simplicity and conciseness of your writeups tbh. Short and straight to the point!

    And it’s funny I’m reading “How to win friends and influence people” and this is kinda like what I’ve learnt so far in the book.

    We are human being. And it’s very easy to make people look bad and forget we ain’t perfect either.

    When Paul The Apostle said “to the weak, I became weak” He wasn’t saying he made himself weak literally. He was saying he put himself in their shoees so he can relate more wirh them— so he can love them wholly💯

    Thank you for putting this out Cece. You’re amazing 👏

    BTW, the part that cracked me up in the screenshot was when she said “So sir, do you still like me?”🤣😅😅

    Omo the guy ran for his life 😂😂😂

    1. cece


      That cracked me up to.
      I’m honored to know you love my content!

      Thanks a lot.
      I appreciate it

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