<strong>The Eagle 🦅 and the Hen 🐤</strong>

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The Eagle 🦅 and the Hen 🐤

Omooo.. See food 😍

When a new chick is born, not only the mother hen rejoices. 
The eagle also rejoices because the hen has birthed its prey…

Here’s how I know…

The other day when I went to fix my beautiful birthday nails, I saw a sight that was quite sad.

I saw a mighty eagle swoosh down to steal a chick from its mother right in front of me.

And quite unfortunately, the eagle succeeded.

I stared for a while and then thought,

“ How is this Mother Hen feeling now? Right before her, 10 chicks have turned 9! 

What a deprivation 💔”

Every Good News to you is also good news for your enemy.

You’ve seen what to treasure, they’ve seen what to rip from you.

This is why I love the Bible so much because it warns us to be vigilant. 

That scripture only makes sense when you’ve got treasures you see.

The Mother Hen looked to her Chicks with joy, the Eagle looked with excitement.

One saw purpose, and the other saw food.

There are always eagles 🦅 hovering round looking for the next chick to be their prey.

Thread carefully.




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