<strong>Dominion Follows an Order; the Order of Creation</strong>

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Dominion Follows an Order; the Order of Creation

There’s a very slim chance your first skit will go viral
  • Or your first movie.
  • Or your first sermon.

And that’s because,

Dominion follows a Pattern, the Pattern of Creation 

Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

The more you create in a space, the more you’re entitled to dominate in that space.

Allow me explain further

My most viewed Letters from Cece article about How getting an iPhone Changed my Life wasn’t my first Letter 🤷‍♀️. (Read here)

My current most played Sounds Of Cece podcast on how Nature Aborts Vacuum was my 11th recording 😅 (Listen here)

So you see, this #Letter is from one Visionary to another because I’ve walked in the path.

No one can dominate in a space they haven’t created in.

Even at that, there’s more…

Not only must you have created in that space to dominate therein, you must have created multiple times.

It may sound unreal, but it’s true.

If you give up, you have truncated the process that would make all your past effort worth it.

Dominion follows a pattern, and it’s the pattern of Creation!

If you have the patience to wait it out, little drops 💦 will become an ocean 🌊 

This Letter is also available on Sounds Of Cece Podcast on all streaming platforms. Listen on Spotify here 

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