There’s Water💧 in the Well🛢

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There’s Water💧 in the Well🛢

Mamu City Village in Aiyedire, Osun State, Nigeria

When was the last time you fetched water from a well?

Mine was in July 2022 when I visited a village in Osun State for the Lord’s work just as I was about to round off my National Youth Service Youth Service in the state.

The village wasn’t a very large one, hence their main source of water was in the centre of the village – a broken well.

I’ve had to fetch water from a well a couple of times prior to then, but, I’ve never seen a well like the one I saw in that village.

It wasn’t in the best shape as I would have preferred. But I had no choice. I had to make do because there was water💧I needed in the well 🛢

How many times have you walked away from opportunities that would benefit you simply because they didn’t appear like you would have preferred?

How many friendships or relationships have you left because it became dark and you assumed it would never get bright again?

We’re too quick to conclude on situations and many times, people based on our sentiments and biases. 

It may not look like it, but a lot of the time, there’s water💧 in the well🛢.

There’s water in the well of that young entrepreneur who’s just starting out

There’s water in the well of that cloudy relationship or perhaps, marriage.

Stop walking away from opportunities.

Get the spirit of discernment instead.

Then you’d know that more often than not, there’s water 💧 in the well 🛢

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