I shot at the Stars✨ , and I Hit – Getting my TEDxIyanaIyesi Organizer License 💃

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I shot at the Stars✨ , and I Hit – Getting my TEDxIyanaIyesi Organizer License 💃

I hope you love stories because her is one!

4 years ago, I casually posted on my WhatsApp Status asking some friends what they’d do if they heard I had been invited to give a TED Talk.

Some of my closest friends commented stating they’d absolutely believe and would even cheer me on if they had to.

I laughed but deep in my heart, I awaited the day it’d come to pass.

Fast forward to April 2022, I was scrolling Facebook and saw a link on TED’s official page that showers they were sourcing for African Voices. I applied and waited in great anticipation but sadly, got this response 👇

I was hurt, but I wasn’t broken. Failure is redirection yeah?

I patched up my broken heart and decided not to give up. I even made a tweet with zero idea of what was coming next 😂

In January this year, I was scrolling FB again, and this time I saw another link shared by TED asking people to register if they’d love to host a TEDx event in their communities.

As a visionary & nation builder that I am, I hopped on it because this only meant that I wouldn’t only be sharing my big idea, but also, I’d be giving a stage to other voices to be global!

And as God would have it, 3months later – exactly a week today- the TEDx team replied to my application sharing the one email that marked my Q1 with me 

Do you know why I have shared this story with you to show you that indeed, dreams come through.

Nothing is too good for you and just like I’ve done, you can shoot at the stars!

#TEDxIyanaIyesi (in Ota, Ogun State) was birthed out of resilience and goodwill; to see great ideas thrive in my community.
Get updated event details here

Before there can be transformation in a space, ideas must first be birthed in that space.

And as the coming weeks and months unfold, I can’t wait to go through the rigorous but fulfilling journey of organizing and expecting a world-standard event.
If you’d like to work with me on this project in any capacity at all, please click here

I have shared this with you because I want you to draw hope from my story and make up your mind to Shoot at the Stars.

🥂To daring to dream and most importantly, believing in yourself.

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