The Knowledge Economy; what you should be doing 🧑‍💻

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The Knowledge Economy; what you should be doing 🧑‍💻

Have you also wondered why in recent years, there seems to be an influx of knowledge?

Everywhere you turn, there’s either someone dishing knowledge or another person groping it. It appears knowledge no matter how much given is unending.

Yay or Nay?

But as I began to research deeply, I found out why👇

In the last few centuries, the Industrial Economy was the prevalent economy — people traded and thrived based on what could be produced by facilities, supplies and manpower.

But now, thanks to the creativity that enforced the Industrial Economy, we have now morphed into a Knowledge Economy- a consumption and production system based on intellectual capital.

But here’s where it gets interesting;

Even though the Knowledge Economy may be flourishing, it will not always be.

The sudden influx of knowledge into every sphere leading to the birthing of new ones isn’t cliche, it was the order.

However, where we may drop the ball is when we fail to trade right now and build the bridge that leads to what is coming — The Human Economy.

A time soon commeth where the knowledge we’ve gathered may be a waste unless it’s reorganized and stacked as the foundation for moulding the Human Economy.

In the Human Economy, intellect isn’t a strength, humanity is. Technical know-how will fail and only what cannot be programmed into a software will remain — i.e Passion, Compassion, and Genuineness.

Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

I dare say that those who will be riders of the Human Economy aren’t mere consumers of knowledge but disruptive thinkers who are whetting their swords to retain their relevance and ensure the sustainability of the next new world.

In a world where everyone is turning to/into machines, only those who are “human” can program it.

To survive the Human Economy, we may need to train ourselves to be humans again.

If you can be “human”, then the have a piece of what is coming!

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