The Stunning Wonders of Light ✨

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The Stunning Wonders of Light ✨

If you want to be seen, put some Light around you.

For some time now, I’ve been studying on this phenomenon called LIGHT. And truly, what I’ve excavated already is sheer wisdom.

Do you know that all objects emit LIGHT and the human eye can only see when light passes through the eye?

Also, do you know that of all the different types of energy, light is the only energy that we can see with our own eyes. 

Brilliant innit?

Now it makes more sense why we are called the “Light of the World”.

Light is formed when different charged particles move and vibrate which then cultures into the energy called light

In my opinion, light is a verb – an action word – which means without the proper call to action, just like God said in the Beginning, there really can’t be LIGHT.

I was face timing a friend the other day and the power in my home went off. Before the light came back on, the light from my friends phone shone on me and we could still maintain the conversation!

If you swallow a bulb, it’s useless. Because the light within is nothing compared to the light upon. The light upon/around you is what transforms.

The light that makes us seen isn’t really the light within but intricately, the light upon.

Sometimes light is People, Places, Projects and other times light is really just Knowledge.

If you want to be seen, my darling, put some light around you.

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