Why Loose your Identity?

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Why Loose your Identity?

I’m a watcher of trends. And in recent times, I’ve noticed the kinds of complaints a lot of people have; young and old alike and it’s baffling how many of it stem from Identity Crisis

Do you know that the biggest plague on humans today is the plague of identity?

The Identity Crisis that seems to be ravaging the systems & structures of human psychology today is probably one of the most long-lasting plagues ever known.

But sadly because we don’t know history, we’re not keeping up.

This plague of Identity over centuries has morphed into different forms thereby masking itself and never truly appearing as what it is. 

Identity Crisis is what made Eve eat the forbidden apple, it is what makes a sect/race of people think they are superior to the other. Still, this crisis is what made another person believe there’s an error with their natural creation thereby opt for unnecessary alterations.

When the purpose of a thing is not known, truly, abuse is inevitable.

It’s sad to see how people have lost their identities to trends and are even willing, blindly sailing away from their true makeup and GOD GIVEN IDENTITY.

Identity is a strong anchor; because it’s from that unadulterated core our ESSENCE flows from.

Don’t get lost in the pool of life trying on different identities.

You have an Identity in God and if you’re lost, you can always take the right steps to that CORE that is never changing.

And that my friend, is YOUR IDENTIY

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