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Your self-esteem determines the grade of your life.

I had a speaking engagement recently where there were a bunch of teenagers present and I was elated to know that they knew what self-esteem was.

One of them told me self-esteem is self-worth, self-value.  Of which both are true. 

A better definition would be

Self-esteem is how perceive yourself”. This is true because perception precedes value.

It means that self-esteem is a mental construct. It’s not a jacket you put on and put off. Your self-esteem is not found in things. So it’s not what you have, but more interestingly, how you see what you have. 

It is true; there’s high self-esteem, and there’s low self-esteem. But I’ve theorized another which is the cracked self-esteem. Each of these self-esteem patterns has its different symptoms. 

For me, I had a cracked self-esteem. I had the extreme fear of failing and I hated having people laugh at me.

  • Self-esteem is like a reservoir, the more you pour into it, the more you have. 
  • It’s like a plant, the more you nurture it, the more it blooms. 
  • Self-esteem is like a picture that only you can paint.

Fruits of self-esteem

Confidence. I consider myself a very confident person. There’s just one of me in this world. I’m not perfect but I’m a brand. Self-esteem is not what you have, it’s how you see what you have. 

Resilience. Another word for resilience is grit. I also consider myself a very resilient person. Resilience isn’t the same as never accepting defeat or that you’re always right. Resilience is understanding boundaries as much as Resilience is being daring. 

At the core of every coaching resource and course is a careful engineering of processes that builds your self esteem.

How can you build/improve your self-esteem? 

  1. Keep your promises to yourself 

I pulled this from a larger body of knowledge that infers that self-esteem is developed or destroyed by habits. 

Your habits strengthen your self-esteem. Abiding by the habit of keeping your promises to yourself will enable you build your self esteem because no one can give what they have.

This may not seem like much but I truthfully, it’s a fail-proof method to building your self esteem.

2. Affirm yourself.

Start seeing yourself with new lenses. Things align and form when we affirm. The spoken word is a form of energy that can translate to the creative energy that causes change.
Speak what you want to see!

3. Place value on yourself.

When the value of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Value your body, value your mind, value your words. When you intentionally place value on yourself, you’re filling your self-esteem tank.

You’re a city set on a hill. A royal priesthood. You’re worthy. You’re valuable. You’re beautiful. But you must believe these yourself for it to be true. 

You’re a city, but you see, there’s no value for a city with no gates. And self-esteem is one of the layers you require to erect the gates of your city.

It’s my hope that you start building today. 

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