How to build Systems🔩🔧⚒️

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How to build Systems🔩🔧⚒️

Recently, I found a strange thing happening to me when I got a new device 

I didn’t replicate my usual “system” in my new phone hence, I was easily distracted 

I thought I had mastered my system and that I’d easily repeat them but I never knew not enforcing a system is creating another one.

One of the easiest ways to break down a person/thing is to change their system

Just as systems are the entries to the rise of many, they can also be the door to their fall

Creating a system is the only way to reinvent the new 

But more importantly, before we can build systems, we must know what they are.

A system is a congruent of subsystems

Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

So to learn how to build systems is to learn how to build “subsystems”.

Because alas, subsystems are what integrates to form systems!

Whether you see it or not, we’re living in a system. And many times, faulty systems. Yet, our ignorance keeps feeding these systems and keeping them afloat.

Because we dimmed our sight and looked away as aliens overtook our systems and injected all manner of traits into it.

To see real change, we must create new systems. And to create one, we must learn to build one.

I am called to build SYSTEMS, SPACES & STAGES.

Join me 🥂

– Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

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