My heart is full of gratitude 🎉 – TEDxIyanaIyesi was successful

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My heart is full of gratitude 🎉 – TEDxIyanaIyesi was successful

On 29th March, 2023 I was became a licensed TEDxOrganizer as I received my license from TED to organize an independent TED Event – TEDxIyana Iyesi – in my community.

I was overjoyed because this meant major transformation for my community – just like I’ve always hoped for.

On 28th October, 2023 the first TEDx Event in my community took place proudly organized by me and my delectable volunteers.

I evolved in multiple ways during the course of planning and executing this TEDx Event and even though I didn’t give a TEDx talk on that day, I was equally honored to because giving others a stage is as honorable as being on one

This experience has forever marked my heart and I hope to write more about it in my newsletter (The HoneyComb on LinkedIn)

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Always remember, Nothing can stop you from embracing all your possibilities!

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