About me

Hello, I'm Cece

I’m a Storyteller, Content Creator & Mind Coach.

Together, Let's expand and grow

I'm Cecilia Ihrivbogbe

I mean many things to many people. But above all, I’m a friend - I’m a sister. And I just really love to see people break forth Into their more excellent self while we embark on a journey of tearing down every veil. It’s easier from that angle. We all deserve that.

What Clients Say about me?

The Communication Hacks Cecilia shared in the Communication Codes Course was phenomenal. It brought out the Communicator in me and ever since, I’ve been able to speak freely and openly. And yes, I’ll recommend the class to anyone who wants to improve their communication
Joy Imhanguelo
/ Virtual Assistant & Chemist
I could write on and on but one thing that stands out with Cece is how she expresses different dimensions of quality effortlessly. That's why I really respect her. And she's a dangerous problem solver too— the way she thinks is so crazy when you hear her talk. And her ability to ask the right questions to make you think deeper on a particular problem is a major skill she possesses. Before I decide to hire a person, I'd first of all think "Am I hiring a skilled person or a Cece?" I'd like to work with her any day, anytime 💯
Tolulope Kazeem
/ Marketing & Branding Strategist, 15D Company.
You taught a strategy in one of your creative teaching sessions on how to set actionable goals opposed to disempowered ones and that secret has helped me set realistic goals.
Esther Adewunmi
/ Anatomist
I'm a very strict person so I require everything to be organized and neat. MaxCoach guys just got me.
Florence Themes
/ Multimedia Admin

Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the different expressions of Cecilia Ihrivbogbe?

Cecilia is the proud curator of LettersfromCece articles; a mind-stimulating weekly article where she shares hands-on wisdom via divine inspiration to thousands on how to live a purposeful life


She’s also the host of the viral podcast – Sounds of Cece – which is a voice print of Letters From Cece and a platform where she reaches her audio listeners with disruptive thinking content across multiple continents.


Cecilia also hosts a yearly conference tagged – #TheRain – where she shares divinely distilled wisdom via The Word. 

2. What simple words describe Cecilia?

Lover of God. Green Environment Advocate. Creative. Elegant. Excellent. Storyteller.

3. Is Cecilia Ihrivbogbe reachable?

Yes, Cecilia is reachable.